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NOTE: IN ORDER FOR IT TO BE SAFE FROM UPGRADES, DO NOT UPLOAD THE ICONS INTO THE SOCIAL-MEDIA-WIDGET FOLDER!During upgrades, this folder is completely deleted, thus, you lose all of the icons.

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If you don’t know your public profile, I will have a very hard time figuring it out for you.

Whether they are improving their reputation, growing their network, promoting their content or simply connecting with fans, social media is the most powerful direct access media tool available.’ I like the fact that Lauren approaches adult social media the same way as any brand, and that she doesn’t differentiate between work for adult stars and the mainstream.

What sort of challenges are involved in working with adult stars though?

Use this as a starting point for your custom icon pack URL and Path If you don’t understand what it means to create a folder and upload to that folder on the filesystem, or if you don’t know what a path to a folder is, I would suggest sticking with one of the four default icon packs. This is because I do not want to use Javascript to animate my icons. The animations work the best with Webkit based browsers such as Chrome and Safari, or Firefox 4.

The only animation supported by Internet Explorer is Scale, and that only works reliably with Internet Explorer 8. Firefox 3.x is fully supported, without CSS3 transition animations.

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