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If it’s anything above a 6, we might just hit it off!

Anything really down to adoring and accepting yourself in this mad, mad world. ” Even if it’s obvious that everything he said was bullsh*t, it plainly and simply shows how easily manipulated women can become once attraction is involved.

Life is a game after all, and it comes with a complex set of rules, yet they are so intangible no one really knows what to do. Adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin take over your brain and you can kiss your common sense goodbye.

You cannot brew yourself a magic live love laugh potion and land yourself the guy, friends or job of your dreams, and expect the rest to fall into place. Urban Dictionary defines a player as ‘a male who is skilled at manipulating others, and especially at seducing women by pretending to care about them, when in reality they are only interested in sex’. When a guy like this says something like that, you are pleased. Anyway, another hour or so into our date he kept persisting with some strong pick-up lines.

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