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However, my WAN IP address isn't getting updated through Afraid. It appears that the IP address that is getting is one of the endpoints for an Open VPN client.

He bought an old factory for a cool mil, and tore it down to build his massive home.

I saw the Roman Polanski movie version, and now I know that Lucy Liu played the character on stage that Kate Winslet plays in the movie.

It’s hard because often times I’m asked not how I feel or how I pride myself as an artist but how I feel as an Asian artist — there’s always some sort of a hangman before the actual thing.

It’s never about the art itself, it’s about the adjective.

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    Canadian technician who made his name in turn-of-the-century ECW via memorable feuds with Chris Candido, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman. Storm trained current WWE superstars Tyler Breeze and Peyton Royce, but there’s no chance of him returning to line up alongside his proteges.

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