Women and eyeglasses dating advice

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Here are a few ideas on where to find the best, most stylish eyeglass frames for women: Lens Crafters offers a variety of discounts on new eyeglass frames, including a senior discount for AARP members.

You can get an eye exam from an independent doctor of optometry near each Lens Crafters store, and Lens Crafters also offers a 90-day Unconditional Guarantee to give you a full refund on your new eyewear in case you are not completely satisfied.

There’s an old saying, “Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” How ridiculous, by the way – many of the most attractive and stylish women I’ve ever known in my life have worn glasses.

And lots of men prefer women who wear glasses – but that’s another story.

"The key to these being effective is to choose something which will get you attention but not something which will get you unwanted or negative attention from men," says the Free Beauty Tips website.

A woman also can rely on hand gestures to convey interest while flirting.

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To stir up a flirtatious encounter, step away from your gal pals and stroll over to the bar, patio or pool table to give a man an opportunity to approach you and to strike up a conversation.Warby Parker is a unique online store to shop for new stylish glasses for women – they sell really creative designs which also tend to be more affordable than most boutique-style eyewear, with prices starting at . No problem – Warby Parker makes it easy to “try before you buy” – they’ll send you up to five pairs of eyeglasses to try on at home, or you can take a photo of your face, upload it to the website, and see how your choice of glasses will look on your face.Warby Parker also has a philanthropic mission – for every pair of eyeglasses that they sell, they donate a pair of eyeglasses to poor people throughout the world who cannot afford their own glasses.You can use it unopened for quick magnification or open when you need full magnifying glasses for reading.This necklace is so beautiful your friends are likely to mistake it for a very famous brand of jewelry that costs more than twice your Neckglasses!

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