Wireless network status validating identity

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Select Change connection settings and select the Security tab: Network authentication method should be Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP)Leave "Remember my credentials for this connection each time I'm logged on" unchecked if you are configuring a shared laptop Click Advanced Settings In the next dialog box: On the 802.1X tab ensure that Specify authentication mode is checked and that User or computer authentication is selected Click OK to go back to the previous dialog box After returning to the eduroam Wireless Network Properties dialog box click on Settings and then: 5.

Enter your Binghamton University Computer Account (PODS) [email protected] password. If you experience a delay in connecting to eduroam restart the machine.

Most tablets and smartphones are very easy to set up and should auto-detect all settings.Eduroam, short for “educational roaming”, is an international project which allows users visiting other institutions to log on to the wireless network with the username and password they would use at their home institution.A list of participants in Belgium can be found on During the initial configuration you will typically have to accept a certificate.You might have to do this again when we replace the certificate or expand the wireless network.More information and a step by stap walkthrough can be found in the During the initial configuration you will typically have to accept a certificate.

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