Whos tommy dating in corrie

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Tommy then thinks that Tina only wants to be friends and Tina sees him flirting with a female customer at the garage.As Tina goes to discuss their feelings with Tommy and possibly start to date each other, Tommy kisses the woman and Tina sees them kiss. On 5 April 2012, Tommy learns that Jeff has died and initially refuses to go to the funeral but after Tyrone persuades him to admit that he feels ashamed because he did not really talk to his grandfather.They love having him around but find it a physical and financial struggle, as Vera gave up her job to look after the baby.At one point, she starts stealing from Bettabuys just to put food on the table, but looks forward to Terry's release and imagines them rebuilding their relationships as one big family.Lisa is then run over and killed by a car outside The Rovers Return on 12 February 1993.Terry's parents, Jack Duckworth (Bill Tarmey) and Vera Duckworth (Liz Dawn) take in their grandson.However, their financial burden is lifted and Vera is able to return to work.

Terry hands him over on Christmas Eve and is ready to make a quick departure.

He later has a row with Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) over flirting with Sophie and again tries to flirt with Sian, things end badly however, Sophie confronts Tommy about trying to steal her girlfriend.

In April 2011, Tommy, Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas) and Tyrone agree to a bet that he could have a fling with Sian, so he offers to teach her to drive and tries to kiss her but she refuses and gets out of the car, she returns home and tells Sophie.

The Hortons failed to pay the £2,000 a year they had agreed to pay Terry for Tommy.

Eventually the Hortons retrieve him by paying £10,000 and getting Terry to sign a document giving them full custody of Tommy.

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