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In summary, it would be fair to assume that Peter was head of a fraternity of men (rather like a monastic order) who were formed to build the bridges at the crossing we call London Bridge.

Peter’s authority to get work done was issued through his seal.

Around the edge is the inscription (translated) ’Seal of Peter Priest of London Bridge’.

At the top of the seal, it is just possible to see the green of the original wax. Was is a photograph of a distant relative, taken in Victorian times?

In those far off days, any official work was accompanied by a document which was authorised by having a wax seal attached to it – usually by creating the seal and embedding a piece of ribbon into the back so that the other end of the ribbon could be attached to the document.

Only men in authority were allowed to have a seal so this meant that Peter was not ‘just’ a priest supervising work on a bridge.

After delivering that sermon he returned to Canterbury Cathedral and was slain a few days later.

What we do know is that he was associated with the repairs to a wooden bridge on the site of the old London Bridge in 1163.

As a tribute to his dedication to the work, his body was buried in the chapel on London Bridge.

Our limited knowledge of Peter raises more questions than answers.

It would be interesting to know how Peter became interested in bridge building and who it was who first offered him the job.

Perhaps he was the son of a master carpenter or the son of a master mason.

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