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KW: No, he had nothing to do with the making of The Reader! And it was really midway through shooting the film someone mentioned this to me and I really went, Oh, yeah! The thing is for me this was never a Holocaust movie to me.It isnt, its part of the story and provides something of the backdrop, sets the scene.It was really no different to any other movie set that Ive been on; we were just able to benefit from these close relationships - my relationship with Leo and my relationship with Sam.

And for Sam to work with the both of us together knowing that we have this friendship, this trust and this history that predates my relationship with Sam, even, he knew that was going to benefit our portrayal of those two people.

My husband is not a jealous person in any way and he literally let Leo and I go and be Leo and I.

When we on set, I wasnt standing at the monitor massaging my husbands shoulders; I was in the corner running lines with Leo.

You know, hes not a kid, hes not a baby, hes not a child, hes a young man, hes 18 years old.

You know hes older than I was when I shot Heavenly Creatures at the age of 17 in New Zealand all by myself for 4 months.

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