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Weather Warnings I watched a documentary on Nova about tornadoes and they talked about how difficult it is to issue alerts.A storm can turn into a tornado in minutes, but not be immediately detectable except by seeing it in person.The workspace tests your location, decides what recording to play, and alerts the application through a web feed.It could be as simple as a reader, a writer, and one or two transformers (probably the Feature Reader and/or Spatial Filter). It would be a combination of the FME Reporter and FME Alerter apps we have on the i Tunes store – or just the Alerter really, as it includes both functions.These ideas may or may not use notification, may or may not use a mobile app; but they are all founded on the awesome power of FME Server. The reason you could create these apps is because Server is about both moving data and manipulating it. It can transform data on the fly, assess, filter and manipulate it. Here’s a great example as shown on You Tube I like the idea, but I think you could go one-step further with it and make location-augmented music, where the music is adjusted to the user’s physical location, local weather conditions, etc.

And throw in a camera to capture the incident (hey, FME does raster) and add an email notification (to the local traffic police).

And that’s just the push and pull of data using the notification service.

With the transformational capabilities of FME you get the ability to do a “nearest neighbor” query, to create a least-cost route to get to a place, to buffer using a custom shape and use the result to do a local search for something, or do a Point-in-Polygon test to check which locality the user is in. What’s more, because FME can read multiple sources at once, you could read many different datasets and incorporate all their input.

But powered by FME Server, you could create an application that is responsive to your actual location.

So as you walk/cycle/drive down the street you would get an audio commentary that changed on a live basis (“and as you travel along look to your right and see…..”).

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