Updating the color profile failed for printer

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However, these 'new' transforms are probably more significant where the difference in chromaticity between the sources is greater than D50 to D65. On the current Mac OS, all colour transforms are handled by Color Sync using ICC profiles.

An ICC profile is one that conforms to the ICC specification.By conforming to this specification profiles may be exchanged and correctly interpreted by other users. It is not the device that needs to have ICC compatibility - but the application software driving it.The two main types of profiles are source (input) and destination (output) profiles and essentially consist of tables of data that relate the device co-ordinates to those of the standard colour space defined by ICC. Thus, for example, a printer or monitor alone cannot easily support ICC profiles - unless it has a software application driving it that allows you to define the input profile to go with it so that the transformation can be calculated.Each of these relates the device colour data to the standard colour space which allows them to be combined to produce an overall transformation. The main requirement is a software application that will generate profiles from measurement data. Other platforms, including Windows XP and earlier, have more limited ICC support at the OS level and the application is usually responsible for initiating the colour transform.To combine profiles you need a Colour Management Module (CMM). For output profiles, you also need a measurement instrument to measure your prints or display. For a list of software and instruments available from ICC members, see profiling tools. In the latter case it will depend on the particular application, but most profesional and high-end graphics applications have extensive colour management functionality and ICC profile support.

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