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Ninety-eight percent predicted that SD-WAN would play a large part in the future of managing more advanced and complex networks.Wide-spread SD-WAN adoption is growing rapidly as organizations see the benefits for network management.Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed reported that they experience cloud-related network issues caused by their legacy infrastructure at least a few times a week.Ninety-three percent of those respondents stated that it impacts their business at least monthly.The gap between realization and deployments is consistent across all verticals and is preventing organizations from fully leveraging digitized infrastructure.It can also threaten entities’ positions in their respective markets.

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“The survey revealed an incredible level of agreement by decision makers that their network infrastructures must change in order to have a successful cloud strategy and their pace of implementing next generation networking impacts their ability to realize the full benefits of digital transformation,” survey authors stated.Organizations often have to redo their network infrastructure to move forward with other IT projects.Eighty-five percent of respondents stated that they are several years away from completely leveraging cloud benefits and digital transformation because of their legacy network’s limitations.Data center infrastructure often includes the power, cooling and building elements necessary to support data center hardware.The data center hardware infrastructure usually involves servers; storage subsystems; networking devices, like switches, routers and physical cabling; and dedicated network appliances, such as network firewalls.

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