Updating live update

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The best way to determine whether there are updates available and installing them is the Live Update feature, if your server supports it.

Whenever you visit the Akeeba Solo / Akeeba Backup's main page, it will automatically check for the existence of an updated version and it will notify you.

App updates are almost always no-cost and occur wirelessly over a Wi-Fi connection after you give your permission.

Clicking on the notification icon allows you to perform a direct update without further interaction.

Do note that if your server is protected by a firewall you'll have to enable port 80 and 443 TCP traffic to cdn.for this feature to work properly.

It is wise to install security updates when they are released to ensure your system is as protected as possible against constantly changing threats.

The operating system and apps that run on your phone and tablet, the smartwatch on your wrist, and the peripheral that live streams video to your TV all use software that occasionally needs to be updated.

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