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Specialists tend to focus on one or two standards only.They can spend more of their time focusing on a domain and know everything about it.Every version of the file with your controls needs updating.Also, it can be common for the updates to undergo updates too.You may need to go back and update the controls several times.As the compliance community implements the changes, they may find errors in it. Keeping a list of those changes and tracking version control is important.Each customization and each translation can magnify the amount of work.

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Hunting down all the files across many locations will pose a bigger challenge.You want to update your controls across all instances. If you created a custom, best-of-breed framework that pulled from many domains, you will need to understand all the dependencies.If you used one domain as your foundation, you will need to trace those changes to all frameworks relying on that foundation.Juggling the number of changes can be frustrating to manage.You should anticipate the challenges below and prepare for the inevitable changes to your compliance framework.

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