Updating a server

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If none of these apply, email [email protected] more specific advice.In all cases, additional information can be found in the Installation & Setup Manual on the Mascot 2.6 program disk (manual.pdf).A licence file will be returned by email, and must be saved to mascot/config/licdb.

The last thing to deal with is your configuration files that you have changed.-- the join clause is whatever suits you DECLARE @tbl1 TABLE (id INT, col1 VARCHAR(10), col2 VARCHAR(10)) DECLARE @tbl2 TABLE (id INT, col1 VARCHAR(10), col2 VARCHAR(10)) INSERT @tbl1 SELECT 1, 'a', 'b' UNION SELECT 2, 'b', 'c' INSERT @tbl2 SELECT 1, '1', '2' UNION SELECT 2, '3', '4' UPDATE t SET t.col1 = a.col1 ,t.col2 = a.col2 FROM ( SELECT id, col1, col2 FROM @tbl2) a INNER JOIN @tbl1 t ON = SELECT * FROM @tbl1 SELECT * FROM @tbl2 Merge into product P1 using Product_Bak P2 on P1= P2.id; when matched then update set p1.[description] = p2.[description], p1= P2.image-2x-md" data-src-base="/content/dam/hpe/products/servers/integrate-lights-out/image Only/i LO_2Column-17-08-02_2x-md.jpg/jcr:content/renditions/" alt="Image representing Smart Update Manager white paper" image-2x-md" data-src-base="/content/dam/hpe/shared-publishing/servers/image Only/HPE_Apollo6000_Portfolio_1_2x_md.jpg/jcr:content/renditions/" alt="Image representing custom Service Pack for Pro Liant" image-2x-md" data-src-base="/content/dam/hpe/shared-publishing/servers/image Only/Servers Smart Update_2 Column_33 66_2_2x-md.jpg/jcr:content/renditions/" alt="Image representing Smart Update Manager tool" bounded-resize:width=1600/image.orig" data-src-base="/content/dam/hpe/shared-publishing/servers/image Only/One View Tablet-16-9hpetransform/" container-class data-alt="Image representing HPE server update tools"HPE One View is your infrastructure automation engine, built with software defined intelligence and a unified API, that when combined with HPE One View Global Dashboard software, gives you the ability to both manage and update all your HPE servers, storage and fabric across a single user interface.Then I created a new table named with schoolnew and similarly executed above actions on it.Then, to view inserted records in it, I execute SELECT command.

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