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Triple H abducted her and married her in the Little White Chapel at Las Vegas. Vince comes out and she says it was because he used her as his pawn.

Also, recording the entire thing, to reveal it for Steph and Test’s very public wedding. Triple H looks at Steph every time he gives a nice beating to her father, angering her. Triple H was tiredly leaning on the turnbuckle, Vince had Triple H’s signature sledgehammer in his hand. She tells Vince to give her the sledgehammer to get vengeance at Triple H. Triple H takes this opportunity to take the sledgehammer from her hand and hit Vince with it, knocking the man out. Triple H raises the sledgehammer and makes it look like he was gonna hit her with it. She stands up and they hug each other passionately. Steph starts up the following RAW, telling Vince why she did what she did. The Mc Mahon-Helmsley Era begins, and the rest was history. But now, of course, the power couple are barely on-screen together. And they are together off-screen.) Making fangirls like me, not so joyous.

The entire Mc Mahon clan was angry at Triple H and demanded a divorce. He places his foot on Vince’s chest and raises his hand. Off-screen, Paul and Stephanie became friends because of the time the time they spent together. Their marriage was acknowledged on-screen at this time. Paul was also beginning to get involved on-screen at this time.

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Triple H are said to have canceled their scheduled appearance on MBC’s “Show!Music Core” and SBS’s “Inkigayo.” This means that the latest music broadcast by Triple H was KBS2 TV’s “Music Bank” on Tuesday.On July 2nd, Cube Entertainment denied the love story between Hyuna and E’Dawn when it was reported.When Paul first joined the WWE he was welcomed by Vince Mc Mahon wanting to name him Reginald Du Pont Helmsley, a comical name that did not have Levesque laughing very much at the time.But Levesque fought back against Vince’s wishes, and thus, Hunter Hearst Helmsley was born.

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