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It winds its sinuous way past mountains and cliffs until it reaches the Atlantic near the city of Porto.

Many dams have been built to make the river navigable, which for the visitor means that plenty of pleasure and cruise boats depart from Porto to the Douro region.

Notice the original balconies of the houses in Rua Direita Portugal’s birthplace, with medieval castle and walls, houses a magnificently well-preserved historic center.

In the cloisters of the church of Nossa Senhora da Oliveira is the Alberto Sampaio Museum; and the cloister of Sao Domingos Convent houses the Martins Sarmento Museum.

Walking tours around the ancient Jewish quarter or in the streets with medieval houses and Baroque manors; boat tours on the Cavado rive Founded by the Celts in 300 B. To visit: the Cathedral (12th-18th centuries), the treasury and Sacred Art Museum; the museum at the Biscainhos Palace; and the Dom Diogo de Sousa Museum.

Also deserving to be visited are the churches of Misericordia (Renaissance), Populo (17th-18th centuries) and of Nossa Senhora Branca (18th century).

Between Mesao Frio and Pinhao lies the stretch where the valley sides are lined with terraced vineyards that produce the grapes for the famous Port wine.

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Also deserving special mentions are the palace of the Dukes of Braganca (15th-century), the church of Sao Miguel (Romanesque), the church of Santos Passos (Baroque), and the monastery of Santa Marinha da Costa (converted in to a Pousada). From the heart of a verdant park rises the sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remedios, with its magnificent Baroque staircase (686 steps).Signs of prehistoric men are seen in the ancient cave paintings in Vila Nova de Foz Coa.Elsewhere, medieval castles and convents or Romanesque little churches dot the landscape.It takes visitors past beautiful beaches, summer resorts and enchanting villages, such as Caminha and Vila Nova de Cerveira.Inland, one must visit the huge national park area covering the mountains of Peneda, Soajo and Geres.

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