Transforming and validating xml type data on line dating mistakes

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This chapter provides an overview of how to use Oracle XML DB.

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The following examples show different ways to specify external encoding: XML documents stored in Oracle XML DB can be retrieved using a SQL client, programmatic APIs, or transfer protocols.The W3C Schema working group publishes an XML schema, often referred to as the "Schema for Schemas".This XML schema provides the definition, or vocabulary, of the XML Schema language.Storage options are also discussed in Table 1-3, "XML Storage Options: Structured or Unstructured" and Chapter 2, "Getting Started with Oracle XML DB". For example, if you are sure that a given source XML document is valid, you can provide an argument to the constructor that disables the type-checking that is otherwise performed.In addition, if the source data is not encoded in the database character set, an OCIEnv *envhp; OCIError *errhp; OCISvc Ctx *svchp; OCIStmt *stmthp; OCIServer *srvhp; OCIDuration dur; OCISession *sesshp; oratext *username = "QUINE"; oratext *password = "CURRY"; oratext *filename = "AMCEWEN-20021009123336171PDT.xml"; oratext *schemaloc = " Source/xsd/purchase Order.xsd"; /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Execute a SQL statement that binds XML data */ /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ sword exec_bind_xml(OCISvc Ctx *svchp, OCIError *errhp, OCIStmt *stmthp, void *xml, OCIType *xmltdo, Ora Text *sqlstmt) /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Initialize OCI handles, and connect */ /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ sword init_oci_connect() /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Free OCI handles, and disconnect */ /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ void free_oci() void main() When loading large XML files consisting of a collection of smaller XML documents, it is often more efficient to use Simple API for XML (SAX) parsing to break the file into a set of smaller documents, and then insert those documents.

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