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O., FACOG- Nutrition Editor Black-eyed peas are a Southern staple and as such may be used in many ways, straight up with a dollop of chow chow or pear relish, they become BBQ black eyed peas by adding a little Southern style BBQ sauce, or in the case of the…O., Nutrition Editor Honey is a food made by honeybees (Apis mellifera) that have collected nectars from a variety of sources, usually many types of flowers.

Recipe courtesy of Chef Bren Ankrum – Culinary Editor We’ve discussed the idea of constructing plates of food following the Mediterranean style of proportion, 50 % vegetables, 25 % grains, rice or fruit, and 25% protein.

Right there, my friends, is a recipe for dating disaster. Doesn’t everyone want a partner who’s good to them and treats them nicely? No one is questioning that BUT when there isn’t any balance, the cracks starts emerging and get bigger and bigger. I’ve often said that we’re dating in the age of instant gratification. It means that people want everything and they want it now. It’s all part of the culture of instant gratification.

Just like with anything in life, balance is important, it’s what keeps life interesting. It’s about making impulsive choices that satisfy a current need without considering tomorrow and any consequences. Well it means a lot of casual relationships, casual sex and people getting bored with the same person because, there is ALWAYS something spicier and more interesting out there. Those looking for a commitment want it right away, those just looking for sex expect it quickly without considering the effect it will have on them and the other person and those who date casually are always looking for the next best thing to satisfy their egos. too much sugar just doesn’t work for me and I’m not the only one.

"Well her father said she was a mix between Sugar and Spice. I heard Chris sigh."Maybe you should talk to her" Chris said."Or you should" I could hear the smile in my moms tone.

He didn't know how to start a conversation with me which is normal.

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