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Seattle's veteran core of champions eked out wins of 79-77 in game one, 87-84 in game two and 87-84 to sweep the series.In each game Seattle was able to build a lead, a cushion against the explosive scoring capability of Mc Coughtry and Castro-Marques.The temptation is to compare those Liberty teams with the Buffalo Bills of the 1990s who lost four consecutive Super Bowls.

Next season they will be fueled by the sting of being swept in the WNBA Finals, while being competitively close enough to feel the every lasting glow of all time greatness that can only be attained by actually winning a championship.

"The 2005 Sacramento Monarchs were a defensive team who lead the league in points against defense allowing just 61.6 per game.

No one on the team put up big numbers or lead the league in anything.

Neither one of these great tandems ever won a championship and both lost to another all time great tandem in each of their trips to the Finals.

Stockton and Malone lost to Jordan, Pippen and Rodman.

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