Stripper chick dating Free sexdating with housewives

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This is the first time looking and posting in this subreddit, had a quick skim of the rules so apologies if I wrote up anything that shouldn't be.Another apologies for the long read, I could not think of a way to put this up or shorten it.edit/update: Thank you all for the varied and detailed responses.

Asked her if she wanted to see the new star wars movie together since we both haven't seen it, she agreed with enthusiasm to actually watch it.

Some of them are like normal girls, others are either hyper sensitive, or desensitised/apathetic to 'anything sexual' and some are full blown misandrysts that hate all men (yeah... But all this happened my 30's and when I am most comfortable with my own sexuality.

tbh, if any of that happened to me at 23, I'd be like you, I wouldn't know how to handle it.

I've been trying to find advice for this situation but google hasn't been successful so far coming up with "how to pick up strippers" on all its results- which I am not at all interested in.

I am more concerned/paranoid about her thinking less of me, mainly in the long run and some of the more intimate stuff we do together would feel less of a shared experience for her. T and look like a fairly standard guy with no tattoos or 'big' muscles.

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