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When the time is over they have to change pairs and start again with a new person.At the end, if they liked somebody they write it on a piece of paper.But here, a pension plan is not the money he invests for his retirement, but the product they sell to people who want to have a pension plan with them. Compare (capital letters mean the syllable is stressed): BEEN THERE= I've been there.

Il témoigne de changements sociaux affectant la conjugalité.The real meaning of it is to add "a little detail", some more information with no importance (almost as if by accident), but very often we also use it to add very important information:- (here the information that he was a relative is very important, but we use "incidentally" to sound unimpressed or to sound sarcastic or funny).BLIND DATES= A blind date is when you have an appointment with a girl you don't know and haven't seen before.NO KIDS, NOT RELIGIOUS= We use NO and NOT in a different way.NO is a negative article (= not any, the opposite of SOME), and NOT is a negative particle used to make a verb negative, so NO is used with nouns and NOT is used with verbs.

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