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No doubt, having sleep apnea takes the sexy out of all things slumber-related.

As a result, a woman may develop strategies to keep potential partners from learning about her condition. " Because they truly have no idea just how much you are the antithesis of Sleeping Beauty.

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A uniquely spacious vessel, she offers an exceptional experience for those that truly enjoy the finer details in life.Assuming your love interest is accepting of your nap-time snoring, you then take the next (and most dreaded) step: you tell them you have chronic sleep apnea, that you're an absolutely horrendous snorer, and you can wear a CPAP mask to eliminate the noise and help you breath, but it's frigging ugly (it's essentially a mask with a long hose attached to a shoebox-sized electronic machine) and you sound like Darth Vader when you use one.Assuming your romance is still progressing nicely, you are now ready for the Big Reveal.The CPAP is clunky, ugly, and overall ridiculous-looking (no matter how chic manufacturers try to make it appear).It basically takes something beautiful - that is, the concept of falling blissfully asleep next to another person - and turns it into less of a dream, and more of a nightmare.

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