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Thomas and Hoadley were hired to help Terry meet this deadline.

After fulfilling this agreement, Terry sold the clock shop to Thomas and Hoadley for 00 on July 7, 1810.

By 1886, production had started on four additional grades of quick-train (18,000 beat per hour) watches: a 7J, 11J, 15J and 17J model. On January 1, 1931, the firm became a subsidiary of General Time Instruments Corporation and soon passed from family control.

For reasons unknown, Thomas began making Terry’s ’new improved’ shelf clock which caused Terry to sue Thomas in 1827; although no financial award was given to Terry.Between 18 Seth Thomas manufactured a line of jeweled pocket watches.Most of the tooling for the watch factory was built using the production facilities of the Seth Thomas clock factory.Huntington and Harvey Platts of Ithaca, New York and added a perpetual calendar clock to their line.They also added a line of tall-case clocks in the 1880’s The Seth Thomas Clock Company was very prosperous into the 20th century and was considered to be one of the premiere American clock manufactures, even by their competitors.

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