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I have a break on the Sub statement for the Row Updating handler ... The Edit and Cancel buttons fire the Row Command event, however, the Update button does not. No breakpoint was triggered when I hit the Update button. I truly appreciate all the suggestions you've given. This is becoming so frustrating it's getting almost comical. Breakpoints were triggered for the Row Editing and Row Command. ASPx Data Updated Event Args, however, its still showing on the v11 API Net/Dev Express Web ASPx Grid View ASPx Grid View_Row Updatingtopic The ASPx Grid View.Row Updated event does not offer it, because the Data Row is already updated and the changes are posted to the underlying data source.1) Handle the ASPx Grid View's Row Updating, Row Inserting, Row Deleting events;2) Prevent the ASPx Grid View from trying to process modifications itself;3) Delegate data modification operations to this additional data source.There may be certain times in your application in which you will need to cancel a Web Data Grid™ event.You may want to stop execution because of invalid data or cancel an event because it violates some kind of rule.Whatever the case may be, you can cancel most of the Web Data Grid events that end in "ing".The following code shows you how to cancel Web Data Grid’s client-side and server-side Row Updating events.

We have selected four columns from Employee Details table.Greetings; I have read several of the previous help questions on when the grid View Row Updating event doesn't fire. The Row Update event will load a copy of the product table from the database after successfully updating a row.I am confused at this point on why my markup and code behind is not touching the Row Updating event when Update button is clicked. The routine loading of the product table now happens only on the first pass through the code behind. LOL Each time through the code behind I was loading and binding my product table.This example shows how to edit and update records in a Grid View in ASP. This example is helpful in situations where an administrator needs to edit several records from the database.

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