Re consolidating

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Look at the APR, repayment term, monthly payment, promotional period and the terms and conditions.Reviewing these side-by-side can help you decide which option will be a better fit for you.The fact is you're taking out another credit card or loan.If you don't have a strategy to pay it back, you'll just end up in more debt.

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For both credit card consolidation options, your credit will come into play and determine your approval as well as your interest rate.

When you have credit card debt on multiple cards, from more than one lender, it can feel like a scramble to keep up with your payments every month.

Credit card consolidation can be an option to reduce the stress of multiple loans.

The caveat here is that you must have good credit to score a better rate.

Read the terms and conditions and understand what fees may be involved when taking out a personal loan.

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