Radiometric dating bill nye

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Here at the Creation Museum we make no apology about the fact that our origins or historical science actually is based upon the Biblical account of origins.Now, when you research science textbooks being used in public schools, what we found is this.Now, I am obviously biased towards the scientific consensus; evidence tends to do that.

There was a bit about radiometric dating (I’ll get to that later), but his presentation was more focused on what he perceives to be the nature of science and how creationism is important to his world view.While he rattles off an impressive resume, this is, in philosophy, a fallacy known as an “appeal to authority.” Ham then suggests we need to define terms correctly, that there is “experimental/observational science” which uses the scientific method which produces medicine, technology, etc.Ham states, …all scientists, whether creationists or evolutionists actually have the same observational or experimental science.The video clip of Stuart Burgess that Ham shows is simply mere fodder for his argument.Burgess’s statement is substantively irrelevant to the point of the science in this debate.

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