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You are free to choose whichever interpretation you wish, or to make up one of your own.This is meant to be socio-political commentary disguised as entertainment but Collins is wise enough to be fairly vague in who’s who. Left me ambivalent about the inevitable next film in the franchise. FAMILY VALUES: There is quite a lot of violence as well as a few disturbing images.Director Gary Ross has opted to go with a good deal of handheld camera work here, mostly to signify Katness’ point of view and illustrate the chaotic nature of the Games.That might be exciting for the younger viewers but for us older folks it gets annoying and intrusive; there are better ways to illustrate chaos than blurry, shaky images that make you want to look away from the screen than be mesmerized by it.The images are dazzling in places, but not as much as I thought it would be.The overall look of Capitol is kind of like Versailles if it had been designed by the art director of .There are those who see a socio-political commentary in the film; conservatives look at the young people as the Tea Party vs.the elitist left-leaning establishment, whereas liberals look at the young people as signifying the Occupy movement against the one per-centers.

Katness is more practical; she’s concerned with day-to-day survival in a situation where food is scarce.So of course when the Reaping takes place it is Primrose who is chosen; Katness, aghast, quickly volunteers to take her sister’s place.This isn’t unusual in the more urban districts but this is the first time District 12 has had a volunteer.It will soon become apparent that Katness will not only be fighting her fellow Tributes but also the powers that be, led by the amoral President Snow (Sutherland) who don’t want to see the inspirational Katness succeed.The Hunger Games are turning out to be so much more than the sum of their parts.

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