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Abraham is dated to the 18th century BCE, while the Exodus story is generally dated to the 13th century BCE -- 800 years before Herodotus.This does not mean that early civilizations did not record events.In other words, we wouldn’t expect to find prominent attention to Moses’ humiliation of Pharaoh -- even if it occurred.In one major event, the battle of Kadesh on the Orantes River between the Hitites and the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II, both sides record it as a major victory, and is depicted as such.While people don't usually get worked up about archaeology, the debate about archaeology and the Bible is often passionate and vitriolic.Biblical Archaeology is often divided into two camps: The "minimalists" tend to downplay the historical accuracy of the Bible, while the "maximalists," who are in the majority and are by and large not religious, tend to suggest that archaeological evidence supports the basic historicity of the Bible text.

Would the Egyptians ever want to preserve details of the destruction of fields, flocks, and first borns -- plus the death of Pharaoh and the entire Egyptian army at the Red Sea?

Admittedly, however, there is a shortage of Egyptian documentation of the Exodus period. We need to understand how the ancient world viewed the whole idea of recording history.

The vast majority of inscriptions found in the ancient world have a specific agenda -- to glorify the deeds of the king and to show his full military power.

It’s just that their purpose was more propaganda than creating any kind of objective historical record.

The British Museum in London displays inscriptions from the walls of the palace of the Assyrian Emperor, Sancheriv.

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