Promoting and consolidating new or restored democracies

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This is the second volume in a two‐volume series on democratic consolidation in Eastern Europe.

The series focuses on three major aspects of democratic consolidation in Eastern Europe: institutional engineering, transnational pressures, and civil society.

Hate messages are freely packaged and promoted as party manifestoes.

Reports across Nigeria are of violence, electoral murder, arson and palpable fear.

The day is on the 15th of September every year, and the international community celebrates for democracy.

Its history dates back as far as 1988, when the international conferences on new and restored democracies (ICNRD process) began under president Corazon Aquino of the Philippines after the dictator (and Aquino’s predecessor) Ferdinand Marcos was overthrown.

This volume analyses the external parameters of democratic consolidation in 13 European countries: how different international actors and various economic, cultural, and security types of transnational pressures have shaped democratic politics in the region.

The aim is to contrast a set of democracy theories with empirical evidence accumulate ...

Qatar took the lead in drafting up a UN General Assembly resolution, and on the 8th of November 2007, the resolution titled “Support by the UN system of efforts of Governments to promote and consolidate new or restored democracies” was adopted.Without good politicians and representatives running the country, it could have an impact on the strength and effectiveness of democracy.For this reason, it’s important to use our democratic system to show a standing support for democracy and to use our vote given to us because of democracy. The Labour Party was founded by workers for workers, a fresh face for democracy. The Labour party has a number of pages on its website emphasising the importance of democracy and even allows members of the public to submit their thoughts and opinions simply.Social media is a veritable tool for hate messaging.Tribe, religion and ethnicity have been brought to the fore, all in a bid to sway the electorate and buy their sympathy and their vote. Will the election herald the dissolution of Nigeria?

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