Problems with dating during the holidays

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It’s also no surprise when you hear of a man cheating during the holiday season. By understanding the reasons a man is likely to cheat, you’ll be better able to affair-proof your current or future relationship, and also find ways to build a deeper bond during the holiday season and beyond.

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However, this particular relationship rut can be easily remedied.

With the holidays upon us, has your to-do list become a mile long?

From buying and wrapping presents to scheduling family festivities and travel, to finishing up those year-end projects at the office, it’s no wonder that romance falls off the radar! The following are some of the most common reasons men cheat during the holidays.

So I’d advise anyone to extend the spirit of the holidays into their new relationships—focus on what you can give (in this case, share a slice of your life, no strings attached) instead of what you’re receiving.” For Dan, a media-relations director, the rule is “no gift-giving until you’re three dates in” and families shouldn’t be met for a least a couple of months, even though he once went to a family gathering on the first date.

“Some of the people around the table had talked about how she had done this before, and they have all these family photos of her with guys that nobody remembers!

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