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Speaking exclusively to uk, Mark said: ‘Unfortunately when he was 19, he suffered a cardiac arrest in his bedroom, when we were getting ready for school one morning.He just dropped dead in the middle of the bedroom, but obviously, at this point, he was up earlier than the rest of us in the house so nobody was awake to know what was happening.Those people may use the word “debut.” They will be wrong.Aside from her stint on , she went femme fatale as a shape-shifting mercenary known as La Chameleón.She plays an adorkable high-schooler who’s supes crushing on her hunky BF (that would be Taylor Lautner, her offscreen squeeze at the time) but just isn’t down with the whole “sex” thing, you know?While a rom com about Taylors Lautner and Swift nervously navigating the choppy seas of abstinent foreplay would have been guaranteed magic, her non-arc ends right where it began. This made-for-TV movie doesn’t require much more of him than being a cute piece of meat, which is for the best, because that appears to be all Timberlake’s capable of delivering at this juncture of his evolution as a proper actor.

He dedicated the song to his brother, Declan, who he said has a condition he compared to ‘being buried alive’.

There’s a semblance of charm, but none of the slickness or quickness that carried him from the .) She does not put her best foot forward in Peter Berg’s bloated-budget treatment of the popular coordinate-guessing board game, grimacing her way through a monotone recitation of lines for a battle-hardened sailor.

She’s the gunner’s mate second class, which certainly sounds impressive enough, only her ineffable Rihanna-ness has inexplicably vanished.

The pair pledge to be good, wholesome kids and wait until they’re ready, reinforcing the squeaky-clean Swift brand with maximum blandness. As an impossibly perfect male model dating Everygirl Alex following a classic switcheroo with her celeb doppelgänger, he’s doing a riff on the boy-band image.

The ball was all teed up for her, and still, a big whiff. To him, that means behaving like a version of himself exponentially duller than we now know him to be.

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