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This particular aspect of the game won't be to of the strategy or RPG components, too -- but for me, it was one of the most interesting and defining aspects of the whole experience.The narrative revolves around the protagonist Yuuto being pulled into a mysterious parallel world called Phantasmagoria.The game itself is a visual novel, and a dating sim, and a brutally challenging strategy game, and an RPG.With all its diverse mechanics, however, story is the priority, and so this sometimes means that a mission in the strategy game component might be interrupted by a half-hour visual novel sequence as your forces arrive at a specific location.

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For those concerned about censorship, don't worry; the "all-ages" version we have today doesn't feel compromised in any form, and due to its substantial rewrites and expansions over the original, is in fact regarded by some players as the definitive version.

The people you meet speak neither English or Japanese, and thus Yuuto's early attempts at communication are frustrating to witness.

Over time, though, both you as the player and Yuuto as the protagonist start to recognize words and patterns that the characters use, and gradually everyone begins to understand one another.

The experience of this slow, painstaking learning process is something I can't recall having in any other game -- it's agonizing to witness at times, but it accurately reflects the frustration someone would feel if they were suddenly thrust into an alien culture and unable to communicate effectively.

Once the communication issue is resolved, we start learning things about the Spirits.

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