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These laws are in good spirit and hope to stop the exploratation of minors. IS THIS WHY THEY CALL IT THE DEPARTMENT OF REHIBILITATION AND CORRECTION. I am also a sex offender with a child he was 16 and told me he was in his twenties certainly looks like it we had a 6-month relationship before I found out and when he decided to take my debit card and steal some money out of my bank the bank decided to prosecute him but the prosecutors got involved and told him if he admitted having a relationship with me they would make the banks and go away so he did long story short I ended up with the sentence of attempted indecent liberties with a minor or a child and I want to move to another country but I don’t know if I can get a passport it doesn’t sound like it from everything I’ve read also I live in Missouri which is a lifetime registry state does anyone know if there is somewhere I can move and get it expunged? They do tbru make murders, drug dealers, or anyone else register. You can email me if u are a sex offender wanting to change we need to fight back [email protected] husband is a registered sex offender in MS. Even though the “victim” has stated that it was a lie, he still has to register.

I have to register right now every 90 for the rest of my life. And was charged at 22 as an adult and just finished my 10 years probation and 2 yrs in prison. Everywhere I went on this journey I was thrown in jail. The state of Mississippi says that its been more than 3 years since conviction so they can’t do anything. This is the only crime that you never stop paying for. For the most accurate information regarding your specific situation, it is recommended contacting the government authority.

The main exception is people who have been convicted of international drug trafficking.) The goal of the change is to help curb child exploitation overseas.

It is a noble and worthy goal, but it is unclear just how much effect the law will have on children abroad.

I paid my dues to this country and now it’s my life. Is there a way to get permission before I enter the country?

Has anyone had any.problems with getting into these countries?

If you have more questions about the new passport rules affecting registered child sex offenders, contact the Swift team today. Constitutional and/or Civil Law rights they are fighting the Government for ALL United States citizens!

Now I have to have a passport that reports my crime. Thank God MS doesn’t do the sex offender “treatment”. The duration is at the discretion of the agency issuing you a passport- if you’re a U. I have never traveled internationally and am.planning to go to the Netherlands and check republic in 2019 and have contacted those embassies and I was told that it is up to airport immigration at my time of arrival.

In 29 states, having sex with a teen when you are also a teen can also land you on the list.

So can posting naked pictures of yourself online if you are underage.

The International Megan’s Law is named after Megan Kanka, a 7-year-old girl who was murdered by a registered child sex offender back in 1994.

The terrible crime led to the creation of numerous state sex offender registries.

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