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We're sure that there's a way to run a site like this in this era, where you can still generate a decent amount of caseload.

Police nowadays are far more open to talking to citizens with information than they were back when we started, due to the work and foundation we established with the 99% conviction rate that our work led to, all across the country.

Few remnants of the chat-room era of the internet still exist at this point.

As the internet changed, elements like twitter and social networking in general has spread the problem wide and thin.

With our early work doing stings with local media, the issue came to national prominence.

When we started, there were few laws on the books across the country against trying to solicit a child online, we even wrote the majority of one law and testified in front of a few state legislatures to get them to catch up to the internet era.

If you have any need of material on the site for custody issues or the like, be sure to screenshot and save the material in question that you might need.

For requests of information, permission requests or anything else, feel free to email [email protected] a clear and concise write-up of what you want.

Some due to the fact that the attention and trouble caused by the media exposure of internet predators had made them unattractive to continue operating.

Others died off later on as social networking made them obsolete.

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