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Vaccinated mothers protect their unborn children from viruses that could potentially cause birth defects, and vaccinated communities can help eradicate diseases for future generations.

Before the rubella vaccine was licensed in 1969, a global rubella (German measles) outbreak caused the deaths of 11,000 babies, and birth defects in 20,000 babies between 19 in the United States.

Opponents say that children’s immune systems can deal with most infections naturally, and that injecting questionable vaccine ingredients into a child may cause side effects, including seizures, paralysis, and death.

They contend that numerous studies prove that vaccines may trigger problems like autism, ADHD, and diabetes.

There is a lot of misinformation, including Paul Offit’s assertion that there were only two abortions and they were not performed for the purpose of creating vaccines.

I have been working to set the record straight, because I believe we all have the right to make informed decisions when it comes to what is injected into our bodies and into the bodies of our children.

And, it is in low- and middle-income countries where the scope for making a dramatic impact by investing in immunisation is greatest.

They contend adverse reactions to vaccines are extremely rare.

A new study says every dollar spent on vaccination saves up to dollars by reducing healthcare spending and productivity loss, and curbing the broader economic impact of illness.

Immunisation prevents illness and death from vaccine-preventable diseases. It has also been widely accepted that vaccination is a cost-effective public health intervention.

The World Health Organisation’s Regional Office for Europe has published several reports and infographics to help immunisation programme managers communicate the value of vaccination to decision-makers.

Fetal cells from aborted babies have been used in vaccine manufacture for decades.

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