Outdoor lover and dating

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One of my favorite episodes of “Parks and Recreation” is when the gang goes camping to brainstorm ideas for bringing in more revenue to the department.

It may sound counter-productive, but just because one meets someone outside of their city doesn’t mean it has to stay that way — long-distance relationships can eventually morph into same-city ones.

Topdeck’s study, by the research firm You Gov, showed that 1 in 11 postgraduate Millennials did meet an significant other while traveling abroad.

Even though texting-based dating apps seem to be more popular than ever, Topdeck discovered that Millennials have other priorities, too — like traveling.

And with traveling comes meeting-someone-while-traveling. Yes, you can use Tinder, Ok Cupid, or other apps when you travel, but they’re not travel-specific, per se.

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