Oracle consolidating different calendars

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Financials Statement Generator (FSG) - Used for consolidating financial information for businesses using a single SOB or using different SOB that share the same calendar and COA.2.

Global Consolidation System (GCS) - GCS is a multi-source consolidation solution that can accumulate information from diverse financial systems, geographic locations, including Oracle and non-Oracle Applications.

GCS can be use to map values from old COA to new COA and balances from old SOB can be transferred to new set of books.2.

Changing the Accounting Calendar after implementation. GCS can be used to map and transfer account balances from the old period to the new period.

With GCS one can consolidate data from multiple SOBs, multiple instances and non-Oracle applications.

With GCS, one can consolidate any business dimension at any level of detail from any point of view:1.

Real World Oracle Apps contains Oracle Apps related business cases / solutions from real implementation projects across the globe.

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If yes, then FSG can be used to meet the requirement.•Do all subsidiaries have different SOB?

GCS enables you to consolidate across diverse charts of accounts.3.

Any Calendar: Subsidiaries can use different accounting calendars from the parent. Any Currency: Subsidiaries can use a functional currency which differs from the functional currency of the parent.

Overlay Mode is the feature where you can actually place these Calendar “on top of each other” to create a aggregated view which looks like a single Calendar.

You can find the feature in the following location: In some case, creating a single combined Calendar folder might still be best.

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