Online dating haiku

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"In love poems written by men and targeting women, we get a lot of imagery about expected body parts: legs, eyes, lips, blank, blank, and blank (and you can fill in the blanks).

We have had so many amazing poets contribute to the journal, and if you are one of these poets we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.As for the lack of bodyguard, I told him I would text a friend my location when I finally went on the date and just chalk it up to one of the many sacrifices we must make for our art. By the end of the week, I had more than 120 matches, and about half of them wrote me haiku.I sent these poems to Josh, and after choosing his top five favorite haiku, this is what he had to say (I titled the poems myself).Most traditional haiku will contain a reference to nature, and in using one, the author — maybe even high when he wrote the poem, which should add difficulty points — displays a deep knowledge of the form, but even more than that depicts an image of an intimate, peaceful, and future moment, between himself and Julia, and presents that moment with clarity and authority.Of the poems here, in my top five, this might in fact be the best poem qua poem, but I'm not sure how amenable Julia might be to the rolling up of a fat one on the first date.

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