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Those brilliant little , perfectly roasted, meaty nut morsels coated in cinnamon, sugar, and a hint of vanilla that simply melts in your mouth.Our original Pogey Bait (cinnamon almonds) and our Texan Pogey Bait (candied cinnamon pecans).For you ladies out there, do yourself a favor and take your own sacks of Pogey Bait and Texan Pogey Bait to keep you safe, so you aren’t lured in by the siren sounds of those POGs suffering from DSD (Deployment Sexual Deprivation).You know they’ll do anything to get you to empty some of that Pogey Bait from their nut sack.They also have a nice little kick of protein so you can pretend they’re perfectly healthy as well.With no preservatives, we would agree that they are at least on the healthier side of sweets.My dad and uncle grew up in the business in the 1950s and 1960s, and my cousin David and I grew up in the business in the 1980s and 1990s. While is definitely easier to remember and easier to type, I wanted to make sure that our loyal customers knew that nothing would change except for our name.

In order to understand how we came to the conclusion that Bophades’ cinnamon candied nuts would be named thusly, we have to discuss the term itself – “Pogey.” Where does it come from? Consensus is that this term started with Navy members of Irish descent during the Civil War and is a derivative use of the Gaelic word “pogue,” which means “kiss.” Legend has it they were pissed at all the Jody’s who got to stay home in the rear echelon and stealing those sweet kisses from the girlfriends and wives of the men who deployed.As veterans ourselves, much of our product naming is based on military terminology, with the odd outliers that are just based on a little lowbrow humor, because lowbrow humor and military go together like whiskey and bacon.Or Privates and stripper wives coupled with 30% interest V6 Mustangs.Quit waiting around wondering if you should hit that buy button. In 1929, my grandfather, Poppy Sol, started The Newark Nut Company in Newark, NJ. The Internet was really taking off and, as I was sitting in my freshman dorm, I wondered if people would actually be willing to buy nuts online. But I continued to debate the transition to for days on end with my wife, my relatives, my friends…Nuts is my baby and our customers love us.

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