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Again, this communicates a relationship vibe and it’s essentially putting pressure on her.It’s kind of like you’re hinting at a relationship without actually saying it, but it’s really the same thing.When she’s giving you one or two words, or sentences and you’re writing her a novel equivalent in response, it’s you trying to force a conversation.It’s needy, it’s boring and that’s why she suddenly disappears from the text exchange and/or takes forever to reply. If she doesn’t respond to your text message, do not write her again until you hear back from her.

It doesn’t matter if it’s her home, work or somewhere where you know she’ll be, never ever do this.When this happens, it’s usually the time she begins to pull away or tell you that things are moving too fast for her, ultimately telling that she’s just not ready for a relationship right now.What I mean here is, talking about plans into the future.It’s a quick way to get a restraining order and ultimately turn her off.Most men aren’t cognizant of this, or even realize that this makes a difference.

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