Nod not updating

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We recommend that you check your Internet connectivity (by opening any website in your web browser).If the website does not open, it is likely that an Internet connection is not established or there are connectivity problems with your computer.

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execute this script as yourself unless you choose a root owned value for var CODE_PARENT_DIR # whichever id you execute this as determines the id you will issue npm commands as : npm install -g foo-bar # # NOTE - nodejs comes bundled with npm ...

I installed Nod antivirus in our computers in the main office, I noticed that when we are internet connected it doesn’t asked for any updates.

So I would like to get an online update to enhance the capability of security handling.


Easy to install, renew and upgrade, our security is also designed for the simple setup of all routine tasks.

Please pay attention to their configuration and operation.

You must activate your product using your License key to receive updates.

I cannot compromise the safety of our computers for business sake.

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