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You might feel as if there's nowhere to go to get real solutions.It can be lonely," says Michael Boehm, inventor of the George Foreman Grill, who shopped his cooker concept for two years before finding a partner to help commercialize it in 1995.For more conventional forms of funding, there's Active, a site for startups looking to connect directly with accredited investors and vise versa.For a searchable online database of small venture capital firms, visit the National Association of Small Business Investment Companies website.

Users solicit interest by posting partnership opportunities.Like the poke of Cupid's arrow, the realization that something vital is missing in an entrepreneurial arsenal--a funding source, for example, or an engineer to turn a concept into a tangible, working product--can point you toward your perfect match.If you're an entrepreneur longing to fill such a void, you have company."As a solo entrepreneur, everything is on you.Don't let another Valentine's Day slip past without reaching out to find that special strategic someone. Well, not if you want to experience our richest features.

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