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Tastebuds, is a dating app that brings together people who share the same taste in music.The app is simple to use – just download it, create a password and then it has you pick a selection of artists you may be interested in.Tastebuds is a music dating and social network app that is free and fun to use for anyone who is looking to connect with other local music fans in whatever city they live in.The app is currently trying to see how it can connect its members offline at music shows across the world.The music industry, by contrast, is often seen as glamorous.According to many of my sources in the investment world, the music business holds a very specific appeal for VCs.For those who make music, however, it’s more than vanity: it’s a livelihood.

This is important for making both waves and money in today’s digital industry.

The music industry, in totem, can often a fraction of what makes in a whole year; still, it happens to circulate around a constellation of stars.

It reminds you of the old joke: what’s the quickest way to become a millionaire? The analogy isn’t perfect, of course; there’s little outwardly exciting about the aviation business.

Now the company has begun to open the door for anything that fits under the umbrella of “whatever fits the risk/reward profile on the investor side career priorities of the artist side,” as Kotliar told me.

Of course, an operation such like this raises questions—questions of value and questions of intent: what can a company really do in this sphere, and whom can they bring to the table? Even more to the point, where are the pitfalls—the ways in which naïve artists could find themselves hoodwinked in this wild and disruptive west?

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