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I like sex and there wasn't often a shortage of it in our lives.

But i was grossed out by oral (both ways) and felt very dirty for wanting anything to do with butt play, dirty talk, etc.

" parts and even sometimes the "falling into bed" parts, and curiosity overrode guilt.

Erotic literature has allowed me to express myself even more as a sexual, confident, mature adult with needs and desires.Until last year, I had never watched porn or touched a sex toy or masturbated.Despite this, I had a fairly decent sex life with my husband of 21 yrs.Then I moved on to a few Regency romances, where there's generally one to three sex scenes, and I found myself responding to them with my entire body.After my 5th Mary Balogh book, i pretty much climbed my husband and was insatiable for a week. There's ton of it on Kindle Unlimited and Audible, and more subgenres than you can shake a stick at.

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