Mobile chat taboo

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Some people might listen to or read a piece of content once, and remember it forever.

While some might have to read it over and over again to completely understand and remember the concept.

If you take a look at the turnover and absenteeism rate in your organization, you would understand the level of employee engagement you have at your workplace.

If your employees feel detached and demotivated, it will directly affect the quality of output delivered.

That’s partly because you likely wouldn’t know if you got censored in the first place.

A new study from The Citizen Lab, a research group at the University of Toronto, reveals that censorship on We Chat occurs primarily in group chats rather than one-on-one chats between two people, and often in such a way where the sender of a text isn’t even aware a piece of text has been scrubbed.

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When they ran an identical test in August, even that text mysteriously passed without censorship.Hence, it is important to increase and maintain a high engagement level among employees.Hiring the right candidate with the right set of skills doesn’t suffice anymore.With mobile based devices that are always handy, employees can go through the training content any number of times, without anybody judging them. Let’s face it, text-only content is not very interesting. You can’t afford to let your employees’ thoughts wander while going through the training content.Hence, it is necessary to introduce certain elements to keep the employees engaged in the training program.

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