Microdefs error liveupdate had an error updating the virus definitions

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However, when I select update everything, i now get the error: The product registry folder could not be found. Because, Mike Romo clearly mentioned that, if the file path "/Library/Application Support/Symantec/Live Update" does not have the jar files, then you have to install the latest version of Live Update for Norton by following this below link. I repeated the install Mike Romo recommends, but it didn't resolve the issue. Very nice job, please pass along my appreciation to your packaging team.

This includes running the cycle multiple times due to forced updates.Your Symantec program *s were not updated.[b]You should try getting updates at a later time. If Live Update fails again with this er *ror, you should re-install Live Update.[/b]LU1806: Live Update downloaded all of the updates you requested, but all of them failed to *install. Live Update session is complete.(*) WARNING 5 long line(s) split I downloaded the 5 MB IU and ran it. I will onlu come to know if LU is working again when there is a new virus update. If there are no more commands pending and a specific period of idleness passes, Live Update quits.Troubleshooting Generally, setup a packet trace and sylink debugging, reproduce unsuccessful/successful Live Update sessions, disable debugging and gather data.

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