Men and emotions dating

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If you notice him trying to provoke you, you need to bail, FAST. At worst, you’re dealing with an emotional predator. Beware of any guy whose past seems to be missing large swaths of history, as this could be a sign that he’s living a double life or that he’s been locked up.

If things aren’t adding up about his living situation, his past, or his current status, you may be dealing with a compulsive liar, a cheater, or someone who’s been arrested for domestic violence. Though all guys are shallow to a point, there’s a difference between regular shallow behavior and a guy who needs to look like Adonis with an Aphrodite-looking wife.

I want to point out that there’s a difference between a drug user and a drug addict.

But it’s also a sign that he may have Codependent Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, or a slew of other issues.If he’s already talking babies by date two, you need to bail.This is often a sign of mental illness or personality disorders in men.Words, especially complimentary ones, are also useful in keeping a woman feeling treasured, appreciated and desired Now imagine having a guy who never gasses you up in any way, rarely assuages your doubts or reassure you of his undying affection for you – kinda tragic, yeah?ALSO READ: Why regular reassurance is important in relationships 3.

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