Live updating opeating systems using virtualization

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Because most kernels have grown too large to fit on a floppy diskette, you cannot boot from a floppy.

You cannot fit a standard Fedora Core 2 (and later) kernel on a floppy diskette.

After a while (up to a few minutes, depending on the speed of the system), the installer displays a graphical or pseudographical display, depending on the system you are installing and the commands you gave at the boot: prompt.

The balance of this section covers the commands you can give in response to the boot: prompt.

Choose OK to test the media, Skip to bypass the test. This screen is displayed in pseudotext mode and does not appear in two columns. During a graphical installation, when you leave the CD Found screen, Anaconda displays messages telling you it is probing for the devices it will use during installation. Displayed only if the type of mouse cannot be determined. Mark the Emulate 3 buttons box if you have a two-button mouse and want the system to respond as though you had pressed the middle button when you press the two mouse buttons at the same time.

If it detects a version of Red Hat Linux on the hard disk that it can upgrade, Anaconda gives you the choice of upgrading the existing installation or overwriting the existing installation with a new one (Figure 3-1).

Use when probing causes the installation to hang or otherwise fail.While you are installing Red Hat Linux, until Anaconda displays the About to Install screen, you can press CONTROL-ALT-DEL to abort the installation process and reboot without making any changes to the hard disk.Exactly which screens Anaconda displays depends on whether you are installing Fedora or Red Hat Enterprise Linux and which command(s) you specified following the boot: prompt (preceding).With some exceptions, notably if you are running a text-mode installation, Anaconda starts by probing the video card, monitor, and mouse and by starting a native X server with a log in /tmp/(This log is not preserved unless you complete the installation.) While it is running, Anaconda opens the virtual consoles (page 103) shown in Table 3-1.

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