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This past year they have ^ traveled to Emerson Clollege in Boston, to Kutztown State Ck)llege and Clarion State Ck)llege.

the Newman Asscxjation will lako sponsor a special muln^t Ash Wednesday service on February 1 1 in the lower lounge of Memorial Hall.

Hugh Schintzius replied: "Well, when people refer to the Rec Center, it's appropriate to ^ell it w-r-^-c-k because that's exactly what it is - a wreck.*' Over the last several weeks, Mr.Zhivago (196$), and One Day In the Life of Ivan Denisoxnch (1970).Sir Michael Redgrave, who plays the headmaster, is a distinguished stage and screen actor who has apfeared in over 50 films, begining with Alfred Hi^hock's classic thriller The Lady Vanishes (1938).Schintzius, the Dirertor of Intramural Recreation, has been meeting with various campus CH-ganizadons petitioning for a ncyv recreatioii building on canftpus.So far, out of 250 signatures, 85 per cent have rei4Jonded favorably. Skiiimzius u aware that the sl^ has placed a freeze on the amtraction of all new buildings.

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    The average age of girls killed was 17, while their partners were, on average, 21.

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