Leykis 101 dating rules

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No Gifts - No gifts are ever given to booty calls and women you are dating.

Leykis 101 Rules Leykis 101 is a series of tenets created by US radio personality Tom Leykis, aimed at giving advice male listeners how to get the most sex with minimal time, effort, and money.

No Means No - If she says no then, STOP, get your stuff, and leave. Tabasco Sauce - After having sex pour Tabasco sauce into the used condom. Approaching Women in Groups - Never approach a woman in a club that's surrounded by her girlfriends.

Sex To Go - No spooning, cuddling, and or staying over after sex.

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Paternity Test - Always get a paternity test no matter how sure you are that it is your child No DNA Donation - Never help a women you have no intention of marring have kids Women Are Dream Killers - They want to reach their dreams and stop yours Ultimatum, Run - If a women gives you an ultimatum then run and don't look back Giving and Getting Phone Numbers - Give your number out to as many women as possible Love leykis!!! infinite reps to anyone who finds a source/buy-link. Tried to aware the misc on leykis 101 many times but the threads failed miserably. Stable of about 7 call down the list until you find one thats down for that night.

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The men who follow this advice are referred to as "Leykis 101 Students", and Tom Leykis is referred to as "The Professor." Women are encouraged to listen to learn how men behave and think. We don't have time to get to get to know you and figure out if you're one of the good ones.

Some topics include women with a third hole and fugly women.

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